Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Amy Humphries is a self-taught photographer who began experimenting with photography when she was 15 with a small, inexpensive point and shoot camera she had saved up for with babysitting money. She was inexperienced and didn’t know what she was doing, only that she loved the process of photography and the fact that you could evoke a specific feeling from an image. Gradually, Amy began to learn more of the technical side of photography, but the majority of her knowledge of photography came solely from trial and error.

She feels that photography is mostly a way to document a particular time, place, and feeling. It allows her to essentially make memories tangible, in the way that she’s actually experiencing it in the moment that she creates the image. Her hopes are that if that feeling can translate to others that view her work, it would be icing on the cake.

Typically, my creative process comes down to just getting out and creating images. I may have a specific creative goal in mind for certain projects, but at the end of the day, being in the actual act of photographing is where my creativity comes alive. Oftentimes, the best process is just to start creating.

Amy’s influence and inspiration for photography is often stemming from the people she loves the most. She enjoys capturing candid or in-between moments, which she sees those most with her family. She is also heavily influenced by the surroundings she is in. Currently, that is her home in Guantanamo Bay, a tiny but beautiful 45 square miles on the south east side of Cuba, where the desert meets the ocean.

She believes she is still growing as a photographer and feels as though she probably always will be. Photography has always been a form of processing for her, and she is thankful to continue to pursue something she loves in a way that photography allows her to.

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