Monika Traikov

"Real" HD Metal - Gallery Collection Exclusive

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Real by Monika Traikov

HD Metal

Usually only available to purchase in person at our 5,000 sq. ft gallery showroom in Austin, Texas, this exceptional art presentation is ready to buy online, and ships the same day. This hand-crafted presentation is the only of its kind, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, before it’s gone forever!

  • 30x40
  • Premium quality infusion on HD metal
  • 1" deep acrylic platform
  • Acrylic French Cleat for easy installation
  • Monika Traikov is based out of Toronto, Ontario. Her work explores the illusion of memories and nostalgia, reflecting a constant yearning for the past, often in an idealized or distorted form. Monika’s creative process is heavily inspired by natural landscape and the changeable nature of the outdoors. 

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