Amy Bautz

St. Louis, MO

Amy Bautz is an artist in St. Louis, Missouri who loves color and can't make art without listening to music. Amy was trained as a photojournalist a UT Austin but she also took drawing courses and even exhibited a series of paintings in the UT art school gallery. She has been drawing and painting on an almost daily basis since she was a kid.

After working as a journalist and designer for five years, Amy pursued an MFA in Studio Art at SIU Edwardsville. Since then she has been producing, exhibiting, and selling art in a variety of media. Because she also teaches art at a university, she has learned a lot through the process and she is kept fresh by her students.

Amy uses her photography training to observe and document the world around her, particularly plants and animals. Her living and studio space are combined, so she can work on her art every day, whenever she feels like it.

Her work is playful and earthy, sometimes veering towards the psychedelic. Amy's hero is James Jean for his multimedia, figurative approach.

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