Discover hand-curated selections of art created to match all of your different moods, rooms, and occasions.

Peaceful, abstract, earthy modern art that will elevate your work-space and cultivate productivity. 

We went through our entire archive and compiled the artworks that stood out. No need for you to do the endless scrolling this time. 

Energetic paint strokes express the intangible thoughts and emotions of an artist.

Say it all with a few lines and blocks of color. 

Make a Statement

Distinguished palettes and a lively mood to brighten your day.

Eccentric works for those of you with a unique style.

Illustration, signs, street art, and typography.

Carefree weekend and summer vibes.

Our acrylic trays are simple, sleek, versatile, and come in several sizes and colors. Accentuate a coffee table, organize your desk, or enhance the style of  your room by pairing a neon tray with a bold work of art.

Time and Place

It's never the wrong time to fantasize about vacation.

Urban details, bright lights, and scenic skyline views.

Visit famous natural wonders and the most distant corners of the Earth without leaving your own space.

Take a breath of fresh air and see what the country life has to offer.

Featured Artists