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Discover carefully curated selections of art created to match all of your different moods, rooms, and occasions.

Soft abstracts, loose line drawings, and emotionally engaging works.

Classic, accessible, and timeless.

We went through our entire archive and compiled the works that stood out. No need for you to do the endless scrolling this time.

Images perfect for a gift for a loved one, or yourself!

Peaceful, abstract, earthy modern art that will elevate your work-space and cultivate productivity. 

A perfectly understated palette designed to fit in. 

Look closely to find the nuance in these dark, low contrast works. 

Extra large works of art that become the main focal point in a room. Hang it over a fireplace, in a foyer, or on a wall where the eye naturally gravitates. 

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Watercolor paintings are often described to be soft, flowing, and luminous.  

Expressive markmaking imbued with energy. 

An ethereal genre of work whose images invite speculation and thoughtful consideration. 

Find comfort in the grounding presence of sacred geometry.

Featured Artists

Sunny and uplifting works to boost your mood. 

Art that inspires a sense of spiritual mystery and awe.

Carefree summer and weekend vibes. 

Calm and quiet works that provide an ambience perfect for reading and meditating. 

Encourage your child's creative side and show them what's possible when it comes to art.

It's always a good time to fantasize about vacation. 

Detail-driven works that shed light on elements of the world that often go unnoticed.

Scenic imagery that gives a breath of fresh air.

Flowing and elusive, water is often a symbol of life. 

Earthy shapes, patterns, and colors often help us feel grounded and connected to nature.


Light, breezy, and impossible to grasp.

Expressive of a hot, intense energy that is hard to contain.