Austin, TX

Ever since JR was a little kid she has been making art. At a very young age she remembers painting the wall with her brother’s diaper rash cream, and thinking how fun it is to paint. From there, she continued her artistic abilities in any way she could. Mostly drawing competitions, painting for school projects, and dappling paint on canvas at home. She was privately trained in oil during her teenage years. Eventually, she went to university for a degree in design communications (graphic design), because she was told she would starve if she kept a degree in art alone. JR feels as though she compromised herself to a large degree, however she enjoyed her 20 years working in the advertising field as an art director. Seldom did she really get to explore or extend her personal agenda with her creative abilities, so she started painting at home for herself. She needed art and couldn’t really afford real art that she loved, so she started painting her own. She painted as a hobby - late at night with wine. Eventually, she started participating in EAST Austin Studio Tours and discovered her art sells, she could actually support herself financially, so she quite her day job and began painting full-time.

JR's process is more about personal growth. If you are an artist and you are using your talent as your creative outlet it’s very personal and can be especially vulnerable. She doesn't really appreciate a lot of attention. She appreciates acknowledgement, but to paint what she wants to paint is creatively painful. It’s hard to describe the dilemma she has been faced with as a painter/artist, being an artist has turned the focus on herself as a person, so the creative process is more about what she is allowing herself to experience on canvas and show to the world… her family, her friends. There are so many moments while painting where she self doubts, throws her brush ans feels like she needs to quit this stupidity and get a “real job.” It’s a beating sometimes because she has the occasional FEAR of what others will think about what she's painting. All the crazy inner voices eventually push her into proving she is good enough – because that’s all that really matters is her own opinion. She knows that every artist goes through this process of becoming worthy of creation. Perhaps every human.

JR would discribe her work as fluid, brilliant, perhaps dark, but spiritual when she or the viewer discovers it. She mixs landscapes and fantasy. It’s mostly about intrigue shape and color. JR finds contrast is more interesting than muted, so she makes the most out of shape and color. Some say her work is psychedelic, some say it reminds them of Georgia O’Keefe. Her paintings are representational, she paints what she sees. She finds magnificent beauty in some of the most obscure and common elements we live amongst. Trees. dead wood – driftwood. The desert. Birds. Plants.

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