Austin, TX

Katie has been an artist all her life. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Katie is an avid traveler and explorer of all kinds, and views her work as a bond between nature and mindfulness. She’s currently inspired by her Texas backyard garden and the delicate details of individual wildflowers found in native habitats. Katie works with watercolor, ink and gouache in her South Austin home art studio. Katie exhibits and curates across the US.

As a painter and illustrator, inspiration for her Wildflower Series came from a seventeen month adventure traveling all across America in a mobile, solar-powered tiny house. During this time she completed The State Flower Coloring Book which consists of fifty hand-drawn designs of each official state flower.

Many of her floral illustrations were inspired by in-field observation often spotted at National Parks during her journey. As her studio traveled from coast to coast and the plains between, she created these crisp, vibrant renderings which you now see on display.


"Girls" is a series of line-contour drawings by the artist Katie Dunkle as she studies sensuous female figures found in erotic imagery. Katie examines amateur pornographic photograph and then “blindly” or without looking at her canvas, she abstracts the nude imagery into a continuous lyrical line drawing utilizing ink, chalk pastel, graphite and watercolor. These unapologetically raw creations focus on the realization that women viewed in pornography are usually perceived as mere objects. Katie's intent is that by re-creating these women in grotesquely beautiful and strangely familiar drawings the viewer can step back from the imagery of naked females and reconsider what it means to pose nude for the visual stimulation of others.

The digital adult industry allows females to be groped in the darkness by a disconnected set of hands, transforming a real person into a two-dimensional cluster of flesh-tone pixels. In this respect the artist chooses to literally be blind to her artwork's unfolding creation to honor these unknown women all the while asking and wondering, who are these women?

Katie draws attention to the countless women who are showcased for pleasure and then hastily discarded. Her priority as a female artist is to give these women a new pedestal for a different audience, whilst honoring the female body in all its glory. Her artwork gives these women a new soul and through the use of mixed media on paper allows the creations to radiate emergent emotional content, which takes the viewer on an intuitive journey through everything from anguish, seduction, pleasure and mystery.

The inspiration for this project is as endless as the insatiable urge of humanities demand for sexual stimulation. Katie's intent is that by creating the artwork in "Girls" she can invoke a normally barricaded world of intellectual conversation about what is considered a private and controversial subject. Katie is honored to gaze upon these nameless women and breathe life back into them as they become much more than just a naked woman.

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