Austin, TX

Sari Shryack is an artist who primarily focuses on acrylic paints and is inspired by the city she lives in, Austin, Texas.

Sari has considered herself a artist ever since she can remember. As a kid, she loved doodling and seeing what she could create from her imagination. In college, Sari found that she loved painting-- particularly painting with acrylics-- and she knew that she wanted to try to turn this work into a career. Since, Sari has moved to Austin and she loves interpreting the vibrant city around her onto canvas.
Sari makes brightly colored paintings that portray homes, buildings, and structures in unique circumstances. She loves putting her own spin on color and finds that she interprets the world differently by taking a scene and creating something entirely new from it.

Sari really enjoys the work of Edward Hopper and some of the Bay Area impressionists. Viewing the work of these artists always inspires her to work harder and dive deeper into her purpose as an artist. Her everyday surroundings influence her the most. Going on long runs or walks in Austin helps her understand the city more and it really informs her work. The scenes she takes in during this process have helped hone in on detail.

Her most important work will always be as a mother. Sari's two-year-old helps her put everything into perspective!

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